August 31, 2014

I'm Back

I'm back to blogland finally! Its been a very busy week for our family. The wee one turned 2. TWO! I can't even wrap my mind around this. It's very bittersweet. She is so smart and active. She's seriously the funniest person ever. Another bittersweet development was yesterday when she asked to sing  ABCs. Until then she had been calling it ACCs. I'm so thankful that The Lord felt I would be fit to be her mother. She is such a blessing to our family. 
I hope to be able to make her birthday cakes every year. Here is hers from Sunday. It's a tres leches cake because I don't have my own kitchen right now and needed to make something fairly easy but still tasty at the beach house. I think it turned out cute. Not as cute as the Pinterest plan but I'm happy and she loved it so that's a win.

This is the view while I was having my morning coffee over the weekend. It was spectacular. AG went for a jog (riding in "Bob") with her great-aunt and I got to relax with a good cup of coffee and watch the boats pass by. Perfect for all.
Our cabinets were delivered this week! This is the Kitchen Wizard himself unloading them. It'll be a couple/few weeks before they get installed. There is much to be done still.

They take up so much space! I love it!

Aren't they beautiful?!

Look at that dovetail! So well made. They have a gentle close feature to prevent smashed fingers too.

The plumber was in a car accident.  Thankfully everyone was fine but it caused a bit of delay at our house. He has been back on the job and getting everything ready in our new bathroom. Those pipes in the wall are new!

The tub's walls are all up and I'm so happy!

This is Gauge's special space under the stairs. He will get a nice fluffy bed for in here and there is going to be a gate built into the wall, pocket door style. No more need for a big crate taking up floor space!

This is one of our bedroom closets. It's going to be our safe space. It's in the center of the house and the plywood adds an additional level of safety to protect us if a storm comes through.

Check it out! My newest purchase! To say I got a good deal is an understatement. It was a steal. I am so excited to cook in this beauty come Fall. One of the first things to come out of it will be a pumpkin cheesecake for my new favorite friend at Lowes that sold it to me; that might've been part of the deal.

I went to look at granite the other day and fell head over heels over this piece. It's just big enough for one of the islands, maybe. The photo doesn't do it justice. The depth and metalics in this are so gorgeous!

That's it for now. I'm thoroughly enjoying typing today though because the wee one is kicked back on top of me "helping". She is loving saying "granite" and identifying colors on the page. She actually just hugged the laptop and declared "I love". She's hilarious! Cheering on my typing "go mommy, go mommy". Ok,hogjfgjlgjpgj;gjejudgjlfgdm jfjllkf opk5h4ijkglrgkplfkgenkto gkh jbtgrj,dnlgj;jkukjukjkf.n  r  That's her contribution to the blog. If you know what she's trying to type, leave a comment and fill me in please!
Happy Labor Day tomorrow!

August 19, 2014

I Can Almost Feel the Breeze

The new upstairs windows with white trim look so so nice! I am so thankful for my hard working hubby who has managed to keep all of this work on our home organized and running smoothly. He is the best. Seriously. 

This used to be a door with two windows. I cannot wait to be home this fall and open my new windows and let the breeze blow through!

Ideas and Updates

Good morning y'all! I put these pictures on blogger a few says ago but never had time to put words with them. I have a couple things I am getting excited about. 

One of them is this idea for our wood stove. I am thinking we build it out of bricks and paint it white. I love white bricks! Plus I would finally have the mantle I've always dreamed of. Hopefully we will have some room in the budget for this. 

Up next is board and batten in the downstairs bathrooms. I am loving this example. For this and the fireplace, I found the photos on Pinterest but don't know the original source. 

As for our house, we now have a shower in the new bathroom! Walls to go up soon. 

The new bathtub in the existing bathroom:

This is where our new floor outlet will be. Yet another hole in my floor that I'm excited about:

The safety hazard is a little better now. 

There are now 4 lights in the upstairs bedroom and they turn on with a switch by the door! Why was it not built like this?

This weekend I bought AG a birthday present (or 12) at a new consignment store in town. 

Happy Tuesday everybody!

August 18, 2014

Windows Going In

The window guys are at the house right now!! Turns out our old windows were sized differently than modern windows so the wraps will have to be replaced on all 11 windows. Well, 10 windows. Number 11 used to be a door. This is going to turn the window replacement into a 2-day project and will cost us an extra $500. Sold! We feel like this is very reasonable for the amount of labor associated with it. 

I just had to stop typing to take a call from hubby (who is thankfully at the house this morning!) and he informed me that the ceiling guy is on his way to the house right now! Wow. I am so excited about the progress happening today! I'm not sure if the ceiling guy will actually start the work this morning but I am hopeful. 

UPDATE: Y'all. There are new windows. In my house. Seriously. Check these out:

They are double hung!

Heck yea!

August 14, 2014

Balloon and New Sauce

Things are really picking up at the house. Trees have come down out front and someone snuck a gator emblem in a hanging basket (probably hubby).  

My closet has been altered and now has an access panel in the wall that used to display my denim collection. This cute little girl loved playing in there. 

The wall edges are rounded and so so nice! I really love this little touch. 

I snapped a few photos of the deck showing how it landed just to have as a reminder of where we came from when we are in the process of building the new one. 

The trench in the floor to run power to the middle of the living area happened last night. Let's take a moment to reflect on how blessed I am to be married to such an awesome hard working man. He is working all night on the house (and taking pictures for me!) AND working his normal job. BLESSED Momma indeed. 
Among other things there was also more mud added to the walls and the nasty piece of wood in the new bathroom was fixed. (There had been a leak at some point and it was gross.)

The wee one had her class birthday party on Monday and parents were invited. I got to witness the mass quantity of sand in her hair from a morning spent dumping shovels full of sand over her own head on the playground. 

Yesterday we went to TJMaxx to buy gifts for her teachers because they've been so wonderful! While we were there we found this beautiful area rug and we both loved it. It's on my list to go back and buy when we are closer to moving home. 

Today was her last day in the one year old class and she will have 2 days with her Mimi while they are closed for teacher planning, then she starts the 2 year old class. I can't believe how quickly time has flown. She keeps saying "birfday, two" and when I asked what she wants for her birthday she informed me she wants a "balloon and new sauce"
I have a feeling she's going to be gettng more than that but I will totally buy both of those for her too. 

August 8, 2014

A Hole in My Floor... And I'm Happy About It

Most people wouldn't be so excited about a new hole in their floor. But I am! This hole is going to be the drain for our new shower! A full size, 60x36 shower with a curved double rod. We will be able to hang towels on the outer rod and the curtains will go on the inner one. With our space constraints this seemed like a great idea. I'll let you know in a few months if it's as great as I expect it to be. Bonus, it will eliminate the need for a wall-mounted towel bar in the downstairs baths. I got one for the tub in the other downstairs bathroom too, in case that wasn't clear.

This is where some serious ceiling repair took place last night. My super handy hubby repaired this and it's being supported while it sets. Or dries. Or something else, I'm not really sure. But it'll be great. Before long the ceiling guy is going to do "knock down" texture. I've consulted the google and it's really pretty. A big upgrade over the popcorn. 

This is our ceiling fans, kitchen sink, shower curtain rods I mentioned above, and the holders that go on the rods. I got the kind with rolling beads and a hook on each side so the liner hangs on one side and the pretty curtain on the other.

Those are our latest improvements. There's also been more drywall mudding and configuring of light switches happening but that's less interesting in photos. Trust me though, it's awesome and I'm excited. It's really coming together now. 

August 7, 2014

Plumbing and Life Update

Look what was taken to my house today:

That is our tub and walls, shower and walls, both vanities and fixtures. I am so excited. Next thing you know it will be time to install these beauties!
Don't you love the sweet camera work? That was taken in the Lowes warehouse by my cousin Justin, aka the Kitchen Wizard (not to be confused with the Kitchen Witch but that's a post for another day) using his phone. Seriously, he is awesome at all things carpentry, but kitchens are his specialty and we are so thankful that he had time in his busy schedule to fit in our project. Maybe if I stick with this blogging thing I'll get a real camera. But it's more likely that I will continue using my iPhone because, convenient! 
While hubby and Cousin John worked on the house last night, Aniston and I got to hang with cousin E and Justin which was such a treat. 
These girls love Mother Goose Club.
We are staying with them for a few days while Justin's wife is out of town (she is on a work trip because she is so very smart. She's also sweet and beautiful but I don't think her work cared about that when they selected her... and she's expecting baby #2 in October. hence the October deadline for our house so Justin can focus on his expanding family) but I digress. We are staying there so I can keep E and Justin can work on the house. Tonight should be interesting as I navigate getting both girls to bed around the same time by myself. I'm sure it'll be fine. Wish me luck! 

August 6, 2014

Photo Tour - Repaired Ceiling

Y'all bear with me here. This is a photo heavy post, but that's the point of a "photo tour" isn't it?
I just got really excited this morning when I realized October isn't 3 months away.  It's 2! Wow. I can totally do this for 2 more months!

Here's the latest:

The doors and windows will be replaced soon and I wanted to make sure to have a record of the water line. It did cover the door knob completely then settled where you see that line for a while. 

Eek! So scary. I can't wait to have the rail up. 

Access panels cut upstairs. We will put a little door there to get into the attic space and use it for extra storage. 

The last of the brass fixtures. It pains me to admit this but I will forget one day if I don't write it so here goes... This light has always looked like this. Yes. We never had a cover over it. Embarrassing stuff folks. It will be a lovely recessed light soon. And that door bell... Goodbye 80s!

This wall with Gauge's door is an easy wall to paint and it will be my accent wall that I can repaint easily on a whim. I'm excited about that. 

Door moldings are all down. 

The deck was located several feet to the left and this is where it landed all slanted. Also, notice the water line on the window. Our new windows are ready to be installed. I believe they are coming this week!

The guys will be working hard this week and I am so excited to see the progress and share new photos soon. 
Gosh. Two months. Squeeeel! So excited!