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A Hole in My Floor... And I'm Happy About It

Most people wouldn't be so excited about a new hole in their floor. But I am! This hole is going to be the drain for our new shower! A full size, 60x36 shower with a curved double rod. We will be able to hang towels on the outer rod and the curtains will go on the inner one. With our space constraints this seemed like a great idea. I'll let you know in a few months if it's as great as I expect it to be. Bonus, it will eliminate the need for a wall-mounted towel bar in the downstairs baths. I got one for the tub in the other downstairs bathroom too, in case that wasn't clear.

This is where some serious ceiling repair took place last night. My super handy hubby repaired this and it's being supported while it sets. Or dries. Or something else, I'm not really sure. But it'll be great. Before long the ceiling guy is going to do "knock down" texture. I've consulted the google and it's really pretty. A big upgrade over the popcorn. 

This is our ceiling fans, kitchen sink, shower curtain rods I mentioned above, and the holders that go on the rods. I got the kind with rolling beads and a hook on each side so the liner hangs on one side and the pretty curtain on the other.

Those are our latest improvements. There's also been more drywall mudding and configuring of light switches happening but that's less interesting in photos. Trust me though, it's awesome and I'm excited. It's really coming together now. 


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