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Balloon and New Sauce

Things are really picking up at the house. Trees have come down out front and someone snuck a gator emblem in a hanging basket (probably hubby).  

My closet has been altered and now has an access panel in the wall that used to display my denim collection. This cute little girl loved playing in there. 

The wall edges are rounded and so so nice! I really love this little touch. 

I snapped a few photos of the deck showing how it landed just to have as a reminder of where we came from when we are in the process of building the new one. 

The trench in the floor to run power to the middle of the living area happened last night. Let's take a moment to reflect on how blessed I am to be married to such an awesome hard working man. He is working all night on the house (and taking pictures for me!) AND working his normal job. BLESSED Momma indeed. 
Among other things there was also more mud added to the walls and the nasty piece of wood in the new bathroom was fixed. (There had been a leak at some point and it was gross.)

The wee one had her class birthday party on Monday and parents were invited. I got to witness the mass quantity of sand in her hair from a morning spent dumping shovels full of sand over her own head on the playground. 

Yesterday we went to TJMaxx to buy gifts for her teachers because they've been so wonderful! While we were there we found this beautiful area rug and we both loved it. It's on my list to go back and buy when we are closer to moving home. 

Today was her last day in the one year old class and she will have 2 days with her Mimi while they are closed for teacher planning, then she starts the 2 year old class. I can't believe how quickly time has flown. She keeps saying "birfday, two" and when I asked what she wants for her birthday she informed me she wants a "balloon and new sauce"
I have a feeling she's going to be gettng more than that but I will totally buy both of those for her too. 

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