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I'm Back

I'm back to blogland finally! Its been a very busy week for our family. The wee one turned 2. TWO! I can't even wrap my mind around this. It's very bittersweet. She is so smart and active. She's seriously the funniest person ever. Another bittersweet development was yesterday when she asked to sing  ABCs. Until then she had been calling it ACCs. I'm so thankful that The Lord felt I would be fit to be her mother. She is such a blessing to our family. 
I hope to be able to make her birthday cakes every year. Here is hers from Sunday. It's a tres leches cake because I don't have my own kitchen right now and needed to make something fairly easy but still tasty at the beach house. I think it turned out cute. Not as cute as the Pinterest plan but I'm happy and she loved it so that's a win.

This is the view while I was having my morning coffee over the weekend. It was spectacular. AG went for a jog (riding in "Bob") with her great-aunt and I got to relax with a good cup of coffee and watch the boats pass by. Perfect for all.
Our cabinets were delivered this week! This is the Kitchen Wizard himself unloading them. It'll be a couple/few weeks before they get installed. There is much to be done still.

They take up so much space! I love it!

Aren't they beautiful?!

Look at that dovetail! So well made. They have a gentle close feature to prevent smashed fingers too.

The plumber was in a car accident.  Thankfully everyone was fine but it caused a bit of delay at our house. He has been back on the job and getting everything ready in our new bathroom. Those pipes in the wall are new!

The tub's walls are all up and I'm so happy!

This is Gauge's special space under the stairs. He will get a nice fluffy bed for in here and there is going to be a gate built into the wall, pocket door style. No more need for a big crate taking up floor space!

This is one of our bedroom closets. It's going to be our safe space. It's in the center of the house and the plywood adds an additional level of safety to protect us if a storm comes through.

Check it out! My newest purchase! To say I got a good deal is an understatement. It was a steal. I am so excited to cook in this beauty come Fall. One of the first things to come out of it will be a pumpkin cheesecake for my new favorite friend at Lowes that sold it to me; that might've been part of the deal.

I went to look at granite the other day and fell head over heels over this piece. It's just big enough for one of the islands, maybe. The photo doesn't do it justice. The depth and metalics in this are so gorgeous!

That's it for now. I'm thoroughly enjoying typing today though because the wee one is kicked back on top of me "helping". She is loving saying "granite" and identifying colors on the page. She actually just hugged the laptop and declared "I love". She's hilarious! Cheering on my typing "go mommy, go mommy". Ok,hogjfgjlgjpgj;gjejudgjlfgdm jfjllkf opk5h4ijkglrgkplfkgenkto gkh jbtgrj,dnlgj;jkukjukjkf.n  r  That's her contribution to the blog. If you know what she's trying to type, leave a comment and fill me in please!
Happy Labor Day tomorrow!

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