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Ideas and Updates

Good morning y'all! I put these pictures on blogger a few says ago but never had time to put words with them. I have a couple things I am getting excited about. 

One of them is this idea for our wood stove. I am thinking we build it out of bricks and paint it white. I love white bricks! Plus I would finally have the mantle I've always dreamed of. Hopefully we will have some room in the budget for this. 

Up next is board and batten in the downstairs bathrooms. I am loving this example. For this and the fireplace, I found the photos on Pinterest but don't know the original source. 

As for our house, we now have a shower in the new bathroom! Walls to go up soon. 

The new bathtub in the existing bathroom:

This is where our new floor outlet will be. Yet another hole in my floor that I'm excited about:

The safety hazard is a little better now. 

There are now 4 lights in the upstairs bedroom and they turn on with a switch by the door! Why was it not built like this?

This weekend I bought AG a birthday present (or 12) at a new consignment store in town. 

Happy Tuesday everybody!

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