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Photo Tour - In Progress 1

Here are some photos I snapped this week at the house. I can see the potential but can't wait to see some more changes! It gets more exciting every time I go over. 

This set of windows is going to be French doors!
Is anyone else wondering why the men need a football inside the construction zone?? Should I be concerned about their time management?

Here's where the deck landed. Looking forward to expanding it when we rebuild it. Thankfully we can do that while living here so it's at the bottom of the to-do list. 
Do you see those photos taped to the windows? Sweet, thoughtful hubby did that. They are of our home during the flood and a reminder of why we are doing this and to be thankful throughout the process.

Do you see that hole in the center and bottom? That's for the tv after it's mounted. You won't see any cables!! I intend to put a revamped dresser under it and hide the components under it. Very exciting!

The landing of danger! The men removed the awkward bump-out spot and the handrail will continue along that edge. Just wait until you see the clever childproofing I found on Amazon!

The last of the popcorn ceiling. Good riddance! 

Found this in the closet upstairs. Thought it was interesting how it's already yellowed even though it was brought into the house after the great cleanup day. 

Isn't our new sofa beautiful?! I think this is a lovely sight because it reminds me of how awesome my hubby is that he wrapped and protected it so well. Also, say goodbye to this dated ceiling fan and the can lights!

Sneak peek of the fabric:

This is how men do temporary insulation. Socks. So resourceful!

These planter boxes are going away and we are going to do some decorative verticle bars from the top of the half-wall (it holds the duct work and has to stay) up to the ceiling to make it safe for kids. And those slatted accordion doors have seen better days. I can't wait to be rid of all the sets of those!

That horizontal line represents where a wall used to go up to the second floor because of the weird bump out on the landing. I'm sure it was glamorous in the 80s but I'm excited to have the whole banister exposed! Also, notice Gauge's doggy door into his sleeping quarters. Very nice!

Won't that look awesome with the railing continued around?! I can see it all dressed up with lighted garland for Christmas! And those stairs are getting a facelift with wooden treads. I have BIG holiday decorating plans for them!

This was AG's room. Notice that pipe? That's the living room tv cord tube!

This is our garage during construction. We will clean up the wood burning stove and reinstall it assuming there's no permanent damage. It's currently sitting where my beautiful new washer and dryer will live. I keep wondering when they will hook them up because I would happily haul my laundry home to wash it. However, I'm realistic and I know that they could be damaged with the construction going on and it's not worth it. 

That's my new fridge! Isn't she beautiful?! I may or may not pet her everytime I visit. Sitting atop the fridge is my new cooktop which I would totally also pet if I could reach it. It's a Kitchenaid Architect II 36" 5 burner w a downdraft and I got a steal of a deal on it brand new! Beside the fridge, hidden under the tarp, is my new washer and dryer. Those cardboard boxes house our new barstools I mentioned in a precious post. 

What? You don't have toilets and kitchen sinks in your garage? 

I'm looking forward to doing another tour after the next week and hopefully will have some new plumbing and windows to showcase! Plus the drywall is in the process of being "taped and mudded" - whatever that means :)


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