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Photo Tour - Repaired Ceiling

Y'all bear with me here. This is a photo heavy post, but that's the point of a "photo tour" isn't it?
I just got really excited this morning when I realized October isn't 3 months away.  It's 2! Wow. I can totally do this for 2 more months!

Here's the latest:

The doors and windows will be replaced soon and I wanted to make sure to have a record of the water line. It did cover the door knob completely then settled where you see that line for a while. 

Eek! So scary. I can't wait to have the rail up. 

Access panels cut upstairs. We will put a little door there to get into the attic space and use it for extra storage. 

The last of the brass fixtures. It pains me to admit this but I will forget one day if I don't write it so here goes... This light has always looked like this. Yes. We never had a cover over it. Embarrassing stuff folks. It will be a lovely recessed light soon. And that door bell... Goodbye 80s!

This wall with Gauge's door is an easy wall to paint and it will be my accent wall that I can repaint easily on a whim. I'm excited about that. 

Door moldings are all down. 

The deck was located several feet to the left and this is where it landed all slanted. Also, notice the water line on the window. Our new windows are ready to be installed. I believe they are coming this week!

The guys will be working hard this week and I am so excited to see the progress and share new photos soon. 
Gosh. Two months. Squeeeel! So excited!


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