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Plumbing and Life Update

Look what was taken to my house today:

That is our tub and walls, shower and walls, both vanities and fixtures. I am so excited. Next thing you know it will be time to install these beauties!
Don't you love the sweet camera work? That was taken in the Lowes warehouse by my cousin Justin, aka the Kitchen Wizard (not to be confused with the Kitchen Witch but that's a post for another day) using his phone. Seriously, he is awesome at all things carpentry, but kitchens are his specialty and we are so thankful that he had time in his busy schedule to fit in our project. Maybe if I stick with this blogging thing I'll get a real camera. But it's more likely that I will continue using my iPhone because, convenient! 
While hubby and Cousin John worked on the house last night, Aniston and I got to hang with cousin E and Justin which was such a treat. 
These girls love Mother Goose Club.
We are staying with them for a few days while Justin's wife is out of town (she is on a work trip because she is so very smart. She's also sweet and beautiful but I don't think her work cared about that when they selected her... and she's expecting baby #2 in October. hence the October deadline for our house so Justin can focus on his expanding family) but I digress. We are staying there so I can keep E and Justin can work on the house. Tonight should be interesting as I navigate getting both girls to bed around the same time by myself. I'm sure it'll be fine. Wish me luck! 

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