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Windows Going In

The window guys are at the house right now!! Turns out our old windows were sized differently than modern windows so the wraps will have to be replaced on all 11 windows. Well, 10 windows. Number 11 used to be a door. This is going to turn the window replacement into a 2-day project and will cost us an extra $500. Sold! We feel like this is very reasonable for the amount of labor associated with it. 

I just had to stop typing to take a call from hubby (who is thankfully at the house this morning!) and he informed me that the ceiling guy is on his way to the house right now! Wow. I am so excited about the progress happening today! I'm not sure if the ceiling guy will actually start the work this morning but I am hopeful. 

UPDATE: Y'all. There are new windows. In my house. Seriously. Check these out:

They are double hung!

Heck yea!


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