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Have You Seen My Sippy

I'm happy to report that the missing sippy cup has been located. Along with a sad sock. I realize you were blissfully unaware that it was missing. I didn't share that because I didn't want anybody loosing sleep. 

What? You don't keep sippy cups in your purse? I'm not sure how I missed that for a full 24 hours. It takes up a good half of the purse space. But this was a good test and the Tommy Tippie cup passed with flying colors because it did not leak water in my purse at all! You could learn a lo about a woman by looking through her purse. Think about it. What could someone learn from yours? 

On the home front, I need to go take some photos really. The exterior doors are all installed and look great. The mudding of the drywall should be complete by the first of next week and then we will begin painting as the ceiling guy finishes a room. I might've already told you that in which case, not much has changed. I'll make the effort to get some photos and share them by next week. It really does look great for what it is. I'm not holding my breath for an October move in though. Maybe late October. I've decided that I'm happy as long as I am able to prepare and serve thanksgiving diner in our home. And I can't wait to host our family for holidays! Christmas will be so awesome. It'll be the perfect open space for gatherings and fellowship with loved ones. 

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