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I've Got New Boots Boots

I was all ready to share about how I'm looking for the perfect brown boots for Fall and of course our frigid winters here in the Florida panhandle but then something wonderful happened. I bought a pair. And I'm downright giddy over the whole thing! Also, if you didn't get the Friends reference in the title then I'm a little sad for you. It's a classic and one that my daddy and I have always quoted to each other anytime the opportunity presented itself. In fact, I text him a photo of the boots today with that very statement. I'll always be grateful that he let me stay up late and watch reruns of Friends with him and we never missed a Thursday night new episode. This was before the days of the DVR. We were like cave people and were forced to endure 3 minute commercial breaks. Life was rough. 
Back to business. The boots. You see, it all started with Melanie at www.thebigmamablog.com. I really blame her for my obsession with the Frye Jackie Button boots. Once I saw them I latched on and knew that they must be mine. That or I would find something similar and more reasonably priced as I tend to do. But I've been stalking the eBay for these babies over the last month and today I scored big! I was the lucky winner (really, winner? I'm still paying so I really think that's not the right word) of a pair of size 8.5 chocolate brown Frye Jackie Button boots for 1/3 the retail price. Only worn a "handful of times" and y'all the bottom looks new in the photos. I'll report back once I get them in hand. 
Here's one photo from the listing. Please forgive the sad quality of the image. I did a screenshot and my phone has decided to zoom in on it. I'm going to go with it though because my blog is very professional and I write 90% of my posts from the phone app. 
In the next 2 months (I pray!) we will be home and you will be able to find these in my new closet with wine bottles inside to hold them up and keep them nice. That is, when they aren't on my feet. Now I just need some cute boot socks and maybe a new pair of skinny jeans. Any suggestions?
I'm thinking I definitely need these:
They were from www.graceandlace.com but they only have black available now and I'm swooning over the cream. I do think I could DIY something similar. Hobby Lobby here I come! If they have your team in the color you're after I would suggest buying it sooner rather than later and support this small business. I'm loving their creativity!

Is it bad that I still really think I need the Timberland Rudston boots too? I love that they are waterproof. They are so much prettier than regular rain boots. Just think of how great these would be if we ever had another big ice storm. Plus I could get them in black and that would satisfy my need for black boots. Although... the dark brown is so pretty and if I had both in brown I could alternate, then both these and the Frye boots would last that much longer. Either way. I'm trying my best to justify them. FYI - Amazon currently has size 8 in black on sale for $95. Not a bad price for such good quality boots. 

In other news, our house is really coming along. I don't have photos but the drywall is up throughout. No more studs! Now they are taping and mudding everything. The ceiling guy is working on sanding. His part will take a while because we have about 2,300 square feet of ceiling that he has to do and he's working multiple jobs. Hopefully the ceiling being done will coincide with the walls being done and we will be ready to paint. Also before we paint, at some point, the old tile is going to be removed by the guys. This seems like a horrible job and it makes me very thankful that I'm just a tiny little woman. My job is to care for AG while the guys work until the wee hours of the morning. I get to go to bed at a decent hour while hubby is up until 4am most nights. Did I mention that he's wonderful and incredibly hard-working? He is. And he's all mine! Although our wee one will fight me on that. One time we were all three laying together and I hugged hubby, she pulled me away and declared "my nuggles!" So now we don't say "snuggles", we say "nuggles". Funny how you do that with cute things kids say. 

Have a happy Wednesday! Only 3 more days until gameday #2! War Eagle!

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