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Just Another Manic Monday

With our anniversary rapidly approaching, I've decided to make gift giving easier for my sweet hubby so this is the first of what will be a few posts showcasing items that would be very well received on September 13. Plus maybe this will make him read my blog. Maybe.

I have realized that I am in need of more orange and blue in my wardrobe. To make this easy, the vast majority of these items are from Tiger Rags and quite affordable, you're welcome honey!



I'm loving this boat neck top from Old Navy. I haven't seen it in person but I'm hoping "Fan the Flames" is an Auburn burnt orange color. Would be great with my navy eyelet shorts (Target) for a Fall gameday. Especially if I can find a good chunky navy necklace.
Side-note: I also need this in white, to wear with the above scarf and probably several other things because white is just so versatile. I'm a small. Thanks honey!

I had been stalking an orange puffy vest from Old Navy but it isn't on the site anymore so I'm thinking it's not available anymore. I've moved on to this one from Target, I like the white:

That's all for this Labor Day edition. I hope you've all had a relaxing day and aren't bored to tears by this post. Next up: boots!

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