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One more month. As in, 3-4 weeks. Weeks people, WEEKS! (Fine print: approximately)
Here is the big items to-do list: 
- Ceiling Texture 
- Tile removal & floor prep 
- Paint walls 
- Cabinet install, bath vanity and toilet install 
- Countertop install 
- Floor install 
- Appliance install 
- Interior door install 
- Big Clean 
- Move in! 

Trim and stair treads will be completed once we are living there. These will be done by Justin (the kitchen wizard is also an awesome carpenter) while we are at work during the day. After hours, all work will cease and life will be as close to normal as possible. 
Also to be completed once we are home: 
- Garage walls 
- Siding 
- Landscaping 
- Deck rebuild 
- Decorating!

I'm just so excited. Here are the most recent improvements. Exterior doors!

These are my new favorite doors! This spot used to be windows. Love! Can't wait to have them open onto our new deck. 

This one isn't obvious unless you have been super connected to our project. This shows the brand spankin new wall that divided the little closet and the bathroom. 

Check out this before and after of the ceiling. 
Before mudding:
After mudding and walls are DONE:

AG got a new-to-her toy handed down from her sweet cousins today too. The view from her slide is going to be very nice in a few months. But for now:
I would be so embarrassed if that wasn't the result of a flood. This angle really shows the state of disrepair the deck is in.  I'm glad to have these before shots so we can fully appreciate it when it's all done. 
Tomorrow is my "Friday" and then it's 4 days of beachy relaxation to celebrate six years of marriage to my awesome husband. We will have Thursday and Friday with just us and then my wonderful mother in law will bring the wee one to us on Saturday for a family fun day and night. I'm really looking forward to this little escape. We certainly need it. Beach photos to come soon!


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