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Goodbye Tile

Yesterday we hit a milestone. The tile is completely up from downstairs. Hubby is working on removing the thinset tonight and tomorrow but the worst part is done.  
Here's a shot of him in action:

I'm so thankful I didn't have to do anything with that machine. It was some serious labor to get all the tile up. I know the rest of the floor prep isn't going to be easy but the most dreaded part is over. 
Here is how it looks now:

That orange machine that looks like a floor buffer is the tool to remove the thinset from our slab. 

Obviously there is a lot of clean up needed before we can move on. I'm  pretty sure I'll be shoveling tile pieces tomorrow to help out. 
It was nice to have hubby with us today. He certainly needed some time to rest. We are all looking forward to being back home together soon!


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