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I Helped!

Not only is the tile up but now the thinset is all gone too! Our floors are ready to be filled as needed and then have the new flooring installed. I even used the concrete planer (or "spinny floor tool", whatever) yesterday while hubby was at work and I was off for the holiday. It was a glamorous time. I also used a sledgehammer to bust up some remaining tile bits. It was hard work but I'm glad to feel like I contributed. The sweat soaked mask and goggles did not do my skin any favors though. Overall it was very satisfying to pitch in and get my hand dirty and made me appreciate hubby and the guys who help him that much more. 
Because I was flying solo when I was working there are no photos other than this glamor shot complete with crazy eyes:
I only feel comfortable posting that because I believe hubby when he tells me nobody reads this. Haha. 

Here are the 3 guys working on the machine that I had used earlier:

I should mention that I got started and ran the machine for a solid minute and a half before I killed it. The rental company had to send the repair man out and as it turns out, you have to twist and pull to disengage the emergency kill switch. That's a handy bit of info that they should really tell you when you pick it up. But, the kind serviceman took pitty on me and spend about 30 minutes working on our floors while I alternated between watching and wandering around. I was so grateful I snuck a photo:
He was ginormous! 

After all that, being back at work today was like a vacation. I think it's safe to say a future career of construction is not going to happen. 

Tonight hubby is cleaning up all the dust that was spread throughout the house from all of the tile removal.
He's doing that while I get to lay next to our precious girl and rest and blog and be comfortable. I couldn't be more thankful for him. His self motivation and work ethic never ceases to amaze me. One thing he will never ever be accused of is laziness. He is such a hard worker and I am incredibly blessed! Thank you handsome! I love you!


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