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It's Fall Y'all

It's October! My most favorite month of the whole year. The weather starts to get that nice crispness to it, leaves start changing color and falling, college football is in full swing, and it's just an all around happy time. Today was our original goal for having the house done. As you can see in the following photos, that is not the case. We are now hoping and praying that we make it by the END of October. Time will tell. For now, enjoy these photos of the progress. 

My hardworking hubby has been working crazy hours on our house and has done an awesome job. Here's a spot that's been driving me crazy. 

And here it is now:
I know, he's the best. And he's mine! All mine! Although I know a certain 2 year old who fights me on that. 
One room now has texture on the ceiling and we love it. 

The downstairs should be fully textureized [I can make up words, it's called creative license] by Monday and then the men-folk will begin the removing of the tile. Once that's complete there will be major cleanup then painting. Oh how I long for the painting. 

I'm not sure if I can do it but I'm going to attempt the 31 day writing challenge. I don't have a specific topic in mind yet but I can bet it'll be things related to our home. Join me here on the blog and feel free to send encouragement as I attempt this feat. 


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