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Nobody's Cuter Than You

My favorite blogger has a new book coming out in a few months and put out a call for people to submit photos of themselves with their best friends. You can read more here: http://thebigmamablog.com/17110/nobodys-cuter-new-book-fun-request/
After getting permission from my bestie, I'm happy to share what I submitted:

I consider myself blessed to have several people in my life who fall into the "best friend" category. But, there's one who really stands out. One who I think of first when I hear the words "best friend". Her name is Becky and we have been best friends for SEVENTEEN YEARS. I had to put that in all caps because it still impresses me to this day. We met at a block party in the 6th grade when Becky's family moved into our neighborhood, just up the street from my family's home. This was clearly orchestrated by God for 2 reasons; 1 - the sheer fact that we are still best friends 17 years later and 2 - that was the ONLY block party our neighborhood has ever had. After the initial meeting we began spending time together and quickly realized how very similar we are and that our differences really do complement each other. She is the only friend who I've never lost touch with or had any period of time where we didn't get along. We can disagree and bicker like sisters but that has never changed our deep-rooted friendship. Not long after we graduated from high school, I moved to Auburn for college (War Eagle!) and Becky moved to Texas with her fiance. Being true best friends, we never lost touch. Becky has always come home at Thanksgiving and every year we would spend some time together at my parents house while they were in town. When the time came for Becky to marry her other best friend I was proud to stand by her and praise God for their union. It was a beautiful ceremony in our home town and it made my cry more than any wedding that wasn't my own. Fast forward a few years and it was my turn to marry my other best friend. I had no doubt that Becky needed to be by my side. That weekend is such a blur but I'll never forget spending the night before my wedding sleeping toes to head in a twin size bed with my best friend. She flew into town from Houston on the last flight before the airport was closed due to a hurricane that hit their area and she was there for me to encourage me and reassure me that my spray tan did not make me look like an oompa loompa and that everything was going to turn out perfectly. And it did. Being separated by so many miles didn't stop us from having babies a mere 5 months apart. We didn't even plan that, God did. We make it a point to spend time physically together every year and taking a cue from you and Gulley we are planning a weekend together in the spring. It's not a road trip because we are so far apart but we will each drive 3.5 hours and meet in the middle for a weekend of friendship renewal. We haven't decided yet if we want to bring two 2 year olds with us or not. It could go either way. 
I am so thankful that The Lord blessed me with a best friend who puts Him first and loves me unconditionally. Though we don't talk as often as either of us would like, when we do get some time to talk we pick up as if no time has passed. I think that is a sign of a true best friend. She is the sister I never had and my life is better for having her in it. 

Fun fact: This is the last photo of us before we had babies!


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