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We Have Cabinets

Well this weekend consisted of a lot of hard work followed by a DIY paint disaster that negated most of that work and led to my missing a full day of work at my actual job on Monday so that I could rectify it to the best of my ability. But that is a separate post that will come later in the week. I just felt the need to get it out there before carrying on with the update for today. It's a good one. Are you ready for this? 
The cabinets are being installed... Right now. Last night the kitchen wizard was over and he filled the trench that provides power to our islands and the living room floor and he unboxed the cabinets and set them all in place. It. Is. Awesome. 
See for yourself. 
The color on the walls is primer, don't get too excited about that. 
This is the view walking in the garage door:

This is the panoramic view standing at the front door:

From the living area side of the room:

And because I can't get enough, a little closer:

Aaaand... The floor is in the house acclimating to the environment and will be installed next week after we are done painting. 

More updates to come later this week showing the cabinets in place and our chosen granite! Try not to fall off the edge of your seat!

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