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Doritos = Healthy PM Snack?

I'm a little obsessed with our new floors! And, bonus, we have enough left to do the upstairs landing one day. 

This is the very last part that had to be done. Hubby fell asleep while working on it as he was pushing himself to finish. Even my superman has limits. ;)

This is our new master bedroom. I'm loving the blue we used for the walls in here. 

Can you see it? That one row of flooring runs the whole way from the front of the house to the back straight from the bedroom into the main room. 

I really just can get enough of it. 
(FYI - That banister isn't staying all dark)

This photo is when they were only a few days in. Those pants always freak me out. Hubby leaves some like that most nights. 

In the event that you're wondering what our floor is OR the more likely event that down the road we need to know and that info is hard to find, I snapped a photo of one of the boxes. 

Something else I'm loving is our ceiling texture. It's so nice!

I'll leave you with a funny one... Mommy went upstairs for a minute and saw this while coming back down. Busted. 

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