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We are finally home! We have been nonstop working, parenting, and working on the house. It's still not completely done but it's getting there. The biggest thing is that we are HOME!! 
Two weeks ago we said goodbye to the cramper. I've never been so glad to see something I am so thankful for go away. I don't know that I'll ever experience that feeling again in my life. 
AG and I waved bye to the cramper and our dear friends who were happy to have theory hunting camp back. 

For the next few days she continued to ask of we were going back to the camper but now she's settled and very happy to be home. None of us are more excited to be home than this guy,
Bringing him home that day was not part of our plan but after the camper was gone he seemed so sad and then he jumped in my van and would not get out so he's home and we are all glad to be back together!
More pictures of the house will come soon. It's not easy to find time to sit down and write and share but I'm going to make an actual effort to do it so wish me luck! I'll leave you with an evening shot of our beautiful kitchen. I love it so much!! It's such a joy to serve my family and show them love by preparing meals and treats for them!

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