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Almost Home

How is it November? I mean really. October flew by so quickly and these last few weeks have been crazy. Between a busy time at work and helping at the house and mothering the best kid ever, I have not had the time or energy to update you on our progress. I do hope you'll forgive me and enjoy getting caught up. To simplify things I'll put it in list form in chronological order. That's my analytical side showing I suppose...

1 - DIY Disaster: Basically the primer and first layer of paint peeled off the wall like sunburned skin a few days after a bad burn. It was a bad night that led to a bad day where I had to take off work to continue scraping and sanding and then hubby had to re-mud and sand and re-mud and sand again before we were able to prime and re-paint because some a lot of the drywall paper and some tape peeled off too. Like I said, it was bad. Lesson learned, thoroughly clean the walls after applying new drywall and mud before you prime and wait longer than advertised on the primer before you paint the first coat. The silver lining: We ended up not liking the original color and went we Sherwin Williams Gray Clouds. We love it!

2 - Granite: We ordered our granite and as of Friday it is in the warehouse and we have selected the edge style, half round, and approved the Slabsmith images showing where the cuts would be made and CAD drawings so it will being fabrication next week! Here is one slab of two. They are almost identical.

3 - Painting: We spent several days painting and my daddy was even able to come help us for 2 of them! We got most of downstairs done and love the colors we used!
Notice the cabinets are now in place
My handsome daddy working hard
The large wall behind the stairs will be the same color as the ceiling, Alabaster by SW
This is the guest room. That gray is the primer, the closet is now Alabaster by SW

Looking in from the front porch

 4 - Flooring: As of this writing the flooring has been installed in all the main areas and the bathroom flooring is being done this weekend. This was quite the process and involved a lot of self leveler and about a week and a half of work by the guys with my hard working hubby doing a large amount by himself. Poor guy was so close to finishing completely one night that he kept going until he literally fell asleep on the floor the he was laying. I keep saying it but that's only because it's so true, I am so thankful for my hard working man. He is working his tail off to get us back home and he's doing an amazing job with every job he's learned along the way.

5 - Deck: The old wonky deck has been demoed and I think all the guys enjoyed the process.
Do not be fooled... they earned that break

6 - Family Fun: We have made a point of not calling the camper "home" during this process. We want AG to know that the house is home and that we are moving back in once it's fixed. We have taken her over frequently during this entire process and she seems to have a good grasp of that.
AG's first meal inside her house post-flood

This is in the camper but pretty well sums up toddlerhood
Supergirl has the best hair of any two year old I've ever seen  
 7 - Future:

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