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Breaking the Facebook Addiction

So this happened today
And you'll enjoy the fact that I finished the meal with my nub of a fork. There's a chance I was a little over excited about my lunch. It was good, but not break-your-fork good. 

In other more important news, I deleted my Facebook app today. (Not the account. Just the app on my phone.) So when I don't "like" what you're posting please don't be offended, I won't be spending near as much time on there. It was a fairly sudden choice. I realized how much time I wasted on there and that time is so valuable. I want to be more mentally and physically present with my family and for life in general. I realized that I can better use that time to grow in my relationship with God and with others so that's just what I'm going to do. Tonight when the wee one was in bed, I got to sit down and dig into my new book, Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin. I feel so inspired and I am excited to dig into God's Story like never before. I feel like for the first time in my life I'm really well equipped to study the Bible on my own. I'm so tempted to stay up all night doing just that but I know work comes early tomorrow and I would be kicking myself all day for missing out on sleep plus my eyes are only half open and God deserves better. On that note... I leave you with a question or two. Answer me in the comments please as I probably won't see your Facebook comments for a while :)

Have you ever tried deleting a addictive social media app? Did it make you as twitchy as it has me?
Do you have any favorite Bible study resources like a favorite study bible or commentary?


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