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Do I Really Need a Title?

I'm pleased to report that our Mobile Attic is almost empty! I am fairly proud to share the I single handedly emptied 98% of it by myself while the hubby was at Lowes. He was so surprised and proud of me when he got home. It was great. All of these boxes were in there: 

This is the Mobile Attic after I stopped:

Just hanging clothes and large furniture we probably aren't keeping. But that's not all set in stone yet. 
The house was so clean before I did all the unloading. But alas, it is no more. 
AG was so excited to see her bouncy seat, bumbo, and bath seat that survived the flood. Although she's beyond outgrown these items she's been playing with them almost nonstop. She sits in all 3 and so do her babies. 
Speaking of AG, she's at such a funny age. I love to listen to her scold her babies and tell them things like "that was NOT nice!" "You made me SO SAD!" "You go to time out. That was very naughty." But even more than that, I love to listen to her praise them and say "I so proud of you!" Or "you did so good!"high five!"  Tonight she got home and opened the fridge drawer and said to hubby, "we got string cheese! High five!" and proceeded to give him a high five. When I got home she repeated the string cheese proclamation and added on "we got 'pummus' too! High five!" She has a hummus addiction and calls it pummus which is one of the cutest things ever. It's up there with her favorite store, "Plubix" and her holding up outfits saying, "Holy cow! This is soooo tute!" (Tute = cute, in case you didn't get that). I'm not sure what it is about toddler mispronunciation a that makes it so adorable but I can already tell I'm really going to miss these days. They are flying by too fast! Oh and one more cute thing she said. On our way to my grandmothers house for a Mardi Grad parade on Saturday she says "Please, you make me a baby brother mommy, please". I told her that we could try but it's up to God if he chooses I bless us with a baby brother for her. I don't even think she heard my awesome answer because she was chatting away with her babies before I could even finish my sentence. However, sharing that sentence was less about our family size and more about her precious manners. Note to self: if we are blessed with more children, teach them "thank you"/"my pleasure" and "please may I ___" as soon as they can talk. It sticks with them. 
Before I distracted myself I was sharing about the Mobile Attic and the consequential boxes filling the first floor of our home. Well it basically looks the same now except this area has significantly less bins:

I'll take some updated photos soon. Maybe even after we unload some boxes this week. 
Oh! I almost forgot... I cleaned out my car this past week. If you've known me a while you realize this is no small feat. I removed 3 plastic totes of stuff. One of trash and 2 of things that shouldn't be living in my car. I also aired up the tires and then yesterday I vacuumed it. I know! Try not to be envious of my glamorous life. One day next week I think I'll even take it to the car wash. Probably. Or the week after that. 

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