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Happy New Year & Merry Christmas Recap

Never have I been so happy to ring in a new year! I welcome 2015 with open arms but first let's look back on what you've missed as we worked tirelessly to prepare our home for hosting the Christmas party for my hubby's side of the family. 

**I must remember to come back and add the photos that I moved from my phone onto the computer prior to Christmas morning.** 

Finally... a place that is worthy of the title "home". Check this place out! Go on, I'll wait...

Telling AG Santa came!

Little Miss is also super happy to have her very own big girl room. We traded rooms with her so now she has the massive upstairs room with all her toys in it too. Her cousins enjoyed playing up there during the party and the grown-ups enjoyed being able to keep an eye on them with the monitor. 

Enjoy our imperfect home as it is right now:
I'm excited about how the guest room is coming together. It still needs more furniture and decor but we have the essentials and have successfully hosted overnight guests.

This is the main bathroom. We couldn't be happier with how it's turned out. The 2 separate baths are so much more functional than when it was a Jack and Jill!

And because I realized I didn't have any current full kitchen photos handy, here is my kitchen as it is in this moment, not prepped for photos... Complete with taquitos in the oven, chicken and cheese in a flour tortilla, they're delicious dipped in sour cream. New Years resolution diets aren't happening around here. If you were confused, let it be clear that we do not live in a museum. This blog is about our journey not about my quest for perfection. But, my floors are clean!

When you look past the dishes and general clutter, isn't it beautiful?! We really love it. Ill post a photo with it clean in the daylight one day, promise!
I only got out a fraction of the Christmas decorations this year for obvious reasons but it still feels so magical and comfortable. We worked so very hard to get it all ready and it's wonderful to see the fruit of our labor. The family Christmas party went perfectly and everyone had a great time. Our house is so open that it was great to have all the space for playing and conversations and opening presents. We had a total of 15 adults and 8 children. It was so awesome. I hope we have an opportunity to do it again soon. I'm also very grateful to my in-laws for letting us host the party. Hubby and I might've been the only ones who truly believed we'd be able to pull off having the house ready in time. We both stayed up very late the night before taking care of odds and ends and cleaning and cooking. I made cranberry sangria and 4 lasagnas, 2 traditional and 2 buffalo chicken (both recipes can be found on the Taste of Home website) using only my dutch oven and 3 bowls, one of which I stole from my stand mixer. 

We still have the Mobile Attic out front with most of our kitchen items and a ton of other stuff in it. We will have to tackle the project of unloading it soon. I'm looking forward to having all of my kitchen items put away and a clear front yard in early 2015! 

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