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The One Where I Use a Lot of Punctuation

I've been leaning more toward the so-called "crunchy" side for a while. From cloth diapers (last resort to fix persistent rashes) to essential oils (desperation caused by reoccurring ear infections and the threat of having to do tubes for my 18 month old baby - FYI, no ear infections sense starting YL oils, call it what you will, I love them!) to nursing my baby until she was 24 months (and weaning was easy because we were both ready) it's pretty clear that I'm more on the "crunchy momma" side of things. But today I think it became official. I made my own granola bars y'all. And they are amazing. Like, addictive they are so good. I used Alton Brown's recipe here: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/granola-bars-recipe2.html (Forgive my long link. I'm using the blogger app and don't know how to embed a link on here.) The only change I made was to add some cinnamon to the toasting mix. Also, being a newbie blogger, it didn't occur to me to take photos to share until way late. Sorry! 
New Years resolution: Remember I have a blog. And I need to keep all 5 of my loyal followers updated. I'm talking to you Mom! Love you! I kid, I know some of you clicked over from Facebook thinking you would get an incredibly interesting update on our house and now you realize you've been duped and you're reading about my regular, typically boring, but sometimes witty, life. Gotcha! Little Emily, don't overthink all my punctuation tonight. I know you want to. *insert stinkeye*
Where was I? Oh yes, granola. This is what it looks like all smooshed in the pan before you bake it. Spoiler alert, it looks the same after. 

I multiplied the recipe by 1.5ish to fill a 9x13 Pyrex and 8 muffin holes, spots, what do you call those spaces in the muffin pan? Don't you love my food math? Sidenote, I had written muffin tin and replaced it with pan. Now I can't remember what I normally call it. What do you say?

During nap time I had homemade granola (still hot, let the pan cool COMPLETELY before you mess with it. Just trust me on that), store bought sweet tea, and watched Friends on Netflix even though I have every season on DVD. I would typically have made the tea and bought the granola bars and watched Friends on DVD so this seemed noteworthy. Now it just seems boring. Mom, are you still reading? Ha! If you are, you'll be pleased to know the Christmas decor and tree are gone. Kinda. They are boxed up and the tree is in the woods where we always put them. We call it a win.

Happy 2015! Keep reading folks, you never know when things will get interesting around here. 

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