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Flossing is a Privilege

Flossing is a privilege, not a right. You read that right. I've been working hard to instill good dental hygiene habits in AG. It all started when something happened to her toothbrush so I put a new brush head on my sonicare and used that for her. 
She. Loved. It. 
So I had to buy her a spin brush of her very own. Princess themed, of course. Somewhere around that time she saw me flossing and started asking to floss. She has good spacing so it's not completely necessary at this stage but always a good thing to do. I told her not yet, that flossing is for big kids but she kept asking over the next few days so eventually I told her that because she had been SUCH A good girl that I would floss her teeth. I sat on her little bathroom stool and laid her across my lap and flossed her teeth just like at the dentist. She thought that was just the coolest thing ever. Here we are a few months later and flossing is still done when she's been a REALLY good girl. I even use it as leverage during the day to remind her of the need for good behavior. Last night, after I had brushed her teeth, she got down from her stool and moved it to where I sit to floss her and said "I've been a really good girl. You floss my teeth please?" So there you have it. The 2.5 year old who loves to floss. Go figure. We are blessed. 


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