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Hello all! I am just going to have to accept that I'm not the write-a-post-everyday type of blogger. I'm not even an every week writer and possibly not even monthly. I'm a write-when-you-have-something-to-say blogger. And I'm going to have to be ok with that. 
I'm currently sitting in my backyard watching my big girl play with her water table for the first time this year. We just planted a number of things for our container garden. About this time every year, or at the first sign of warm weather, I get on a gardening high. I call my mother in law (she is a gardener extraordinaire) and proclaim that "this is the year! I am going to plant things and they will grow and I will keep up with them and we will eat fresh home grown produce!" And every year she's really kind and supportive but she does remind me that I don't actually like dirt on my hands or bugs or being in the hottest heat and that, quite honestly, makes for a pretty poor gardener. I typically get bored with my plants when it gets really hot and  they dry out and die. And by "typically", I mean Every. Single. Year. 
But, once again, I am just so sure that THIS is THE YEAR! I will maintain my new garden. I am so motivated to share this with AG. I want her to appreciate the hard work that goes into the food she eats and understand where food comes from. We are growing some of our favorite and most frequently bought produce so that should also help to motivate me. If nothing else, the little person who loves food will remind me. Only time will tell but we are off to a good start! Proof:
Little miss took my picture. It's not flattering but it is the first photo of a person she has intentionally taken:
I got these cute containers at Hobby Lobby and drilled holes for drainage all by myself!
And then there's this:
I know right. I practically have green thumbs. 
And now I need a manicure. But instead I'll settle for going with my people to "chick a lay" as AG calls it. She is so excited. She's running around saying "let's go!" Time spent with them is better than a manicure any day. Well most any day ;)

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