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And So It's July

Hello strangers! Let me start by saying that I've missed this little corner of the internet and I'm turning over a new leaf and plan to actually write on my blog more than every couple months. Again. So lets just pretend I haven't taken an unplanned blogging hiatus, mmmkay? Thanks. 
So AG is now swimming all over the pool in her puddle jumper floaty. She's floating on her tummy with her face in the water and also on her back and she's jumping off the side. She puts her hands together like she's going to dive then she belly flops. It's hilarious and looks so painful but the floaty takes the brunt of the hit and she loves it. We put her in a swim cap now for water fun and thankfully she thinks it's really cool. I love it because it keeps her hair dry. 
Last weekend we celebrated hubby's 40th birthday. He wanted a deck building party so we did just that. He (along with the occasional awesome helpers) got the posts and the beams in prior to the party then the guys all worked together to get the joists installed. 
Now the deck boards are going down and as I type this I'm sitting in a chair ON MY DECK. Seriously. On the deck. This is fabulous. This photo is right now:
We should be able to walk right out onto the deck in the morning. You know what this means... Breakfast on the deck! I'm super excited. 
Goodnight all!

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