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Cute Kid, SEC Excitement, and a New Idea

Happy Thursday! You should know I just typed "Happy Wednesday" and had to remind myself that it is in fact Thursday. One day closer to the weekend! Also, Thursday in our home means that it's "Camp Mimi" day for AG. She popped up this morning asking if it was time to go to Mimi's house. To say she looks forward to this all week is an understatement. She was super excited this morning and very concerned about whether or not her cousins and friends would be there. I reassured her that they would and then she picked out her outfit for the day - pink leopard pants with a blue and green seersucker fishy dress (she insists on only wearing dresses these days.) The outfit was completed with mismatched socks, adorable. She was so proud and she wanted to wear her hair down so we brushed it and she looked precious. 
You want to know what this momma is excited about? Football. College football. But not just any college football, SEC football... and most of all, Auburn football! I just made the realization that there are 8 weeks to go until football season starts. EIGHT WEEKS! Yes, I did just yell that. I will not stifle my excitement about watching my beloved Auburn Tigers return to the field! We are predicted to have a great year and we now have the largest video scoreboard in all of college football which is pretty darn exciting. 

I definitely need to brush up on my team knowledge though. I've been slacking during the off-season and it's time to refocus. It won't be nearly as fun if I don't know the ins and outs of my team and who I'm yelling at on the TV. 
I'm also excited to start sharing some of my favorite things on my blog. I  think I'll call it "Favorites Friday" that way I know I have at least one specific day set aside each week to write about something I love. Check back tomorrow for my first Favorites Friday and let me know in the comments if you have a suggestion about a specific category I should feature. 

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