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Friday Favorites :: Classic Pumps

Hubby bought me these shoes for my birthday in December. I excitedly opened the box and instantly fell in love. I felt the leather and smelled that new shoe smell then I tried and tried to make my foot fit in the beautiful new shoe. It was not happening. Did you know having a baby can make your feet bigger? Yea, me either. But it's a real thing. I have always worn a size 8 shoe with no problem. I could even fit into the occasional 7.5. Nowadays, I'm between an 8 and 8.5. Apparently the Cleo runs small. I reluctantly re-boxed my beloved new shoes and sent them back to Amazon (with zero problems, love them!). I struggled with the price tag on these shoes, $109, which was significantly more than my typical $15 Target shoes so I didn't buy the 8.5 right away. I'm a bargain hunter and I do NOT like to pay full retail price for anything. I need to feel like I'm getting a good deal for solid quality merchandise. So I waited. Then I waited a little longer. Until one day I decided I couldn't wait anymore and that the price was totally justifiable because of how frequently I would wear them. Y'all. The price had dropped to $49! I ordered them right them and never looked back! I did have to add heel stops (something I had just learned about) to make it a perfect fit and I love them so much. They are really quite comfortable (for what they are) and they look awesome on! 

 Why yes, that is a [slightly blurry] photo of my feet in the parking garage at work this morning. You mean you don't take similar photos to show your cousins how you rock skinny jeans?

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