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Friday Favorites :: Stroller

Before the flood we had two strollers. A Britax B-Agile and a Bob Revolution SE. The Britax was wonderful as part of our travel system for the first 9ish months of AG's life. We used it with the B-Safe car seat and we were very happy with both pieces. During her first year I purchased the Bob stroller to qualify for a free convertible car seat (the Britax Boulevard).  I justified this because a separate stroller was the only item missing from my stash of Britax items to complete the requirements and it was definitely a good deal to spend about $100 more than the cost of the car seat to also get a Bob (which typically resells for around $200). We would've had to buy the car seat anyway.
When the new stroller arrived I promptly named it Bob, because when you pay that much for something it deserves a proper name. At first I really thought something was wrong with it. How could any stroller be that easy to push? Surely there was a manufacturing defect. I envisioned the wheels falling off from my hasty assembly job. But they stayed put. Turns out it really is that easy to push. I used Bob as often as possible and quickly found myself unreasonably attached to him it. Bob has one downfall that is a biggie though, it's large. Like, wouldn't-be-my-first-choice-to-take-shopping large. Here's Original Bob:
I'm not this tiny now. It took a lot of breastfeeding to keep baby AG's cheeks that chubby.
See? It's huge. But oh, it's so worth it. I love that thing! Don't let the cranky baby who desperately needed a nap fool you... She loves Bob too.
So when our home looked like this:
I knew everything downstairs was ruined. If you have super eyes you might be able to see the B-Agile floating by those french doors near the cozy coupe. Hubby and I each had something we said we were sad to part with and would be replacing very quickly. Him, his golf clubs. Me, Bob. I borrowed a dear sweet friend's Chicco umbrella stroller and probably would've thought it was very nice had I not been so spoiled. They had also purchased a Bob (identical to ours) and thought the umbrella stroller was just the bee's knees until they got Bob. So I used the loaner stroller for about 3 weeks and was honestly so grateful to have it. It was compact and lightweight, two things I hadn't experienced in a stroller and really liked. But those didn't outweigh the ease-of-pushing criterion. I ended up purchasing the exact same Bob Revolution SE that we had lost in the flood. And I use it all the time. I even think if we are blessed with another baby, I'll get the B-Safe carseat to match it and the adapter. It might be too big to take shopping but I'm a big fan of babywearing anyway.
New Bob. This was taken when we lived in the camper. I'd been fly fishing that morning and AG got a kick out of my bream. The pond was a perk to camper life.
I also purchased the Bob handlebar console and I do not recommend it. I do recommend this one that I had pre-flood. It was much better. I can vouch that it will fit the B-Agile and Bob. The Bob one would be great if you're actually using the stroller for jogging, particularly over rough terrain as it's designed. I do nothing of the sort and would prefer the less deep cup holder and the magnetic flap on the center pouch that the Britax version has.
If you're a mom, what strollers have you used? Is there one that you love?

*This post is not sponsored. I'm fairly certain the fine folks at Britax/Bob have no idea that I even exist. However, there are affiliate links in this post. Amazon.com will send me some pennies a commission for any purchase you make after clinking one of my links. There is no difference in price for you. I only link to things I actually use myself and love. Thank you for your support!
**The "Wine" tag was accidental but seeing as how there's a glass sitting next to me I think I'll leave it. I'm currently enjoying a fine $5 Moscato from Winn Dixie, but it has a cork made of actual cork so you know it's fancy.

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