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Girls' Weekend

Over the weekend hubby went to the lake to help his brother with a construction project. AG and I had some fantastic girl time. We snuggled together both nights and for Sunday nap time. Saturday was spent in my hometown all day. We got to my parents house nice and early and played with all her toys there then we played in the sprinkler. AG wasn't the biggest sprinkler fan. She doesn't particarly enjoy grass touching her feet and there's always the fear that a bug might be lurking in there. I share these feelings so at least she comes by it honestly. We were having friends over so I made a quick trip to Target for a kiddie pool. If you're zoning out, now is the time to pay attention. The hard plastic pools were on clearance for $0.99. I bought five. 
When I returned with all the pools along with some grapes and tomatoes to snack on AG was on the counter with Nana. I had just missed her having a couple cheese puffs then telling Nana, "I need something healthy to eat." That kid. I love her. She is so smart. 
After fun with friends and Nana and Grandpa it was time for AG and I to head over to Great-Mimi's house for dinner and some fun. We got to play with my old baby dolls which AG loves and Great-Mimi made us a delicious meal. AG LOVES greens and Great-Mimi had some for her. AG ate like a little lady until she thought we weren't looking and then we both caught her take a handful of greens and shove them into her mouth. You can't make this up. This is the same kid who took a straw and drank the juice from a bowl of greens while out to dinner about a year ago. She's pretty awesome in her love of good (and questionable) food. You should know that I'm not a fan of greens. In fact I really, really dislike them. My people love them but oh the smell. I make them maybe once a year. Maybe. After supper we had ice cream and cookies. AG took the tiniest bite ever of her ice cream and cookie and was done. She told Great-Mimi that she likes greens better than ice cream. I'm pretty sure her father is to blame for that one. I would never turn down ice cream and cookies. In fact I'm not ashamed to admit that I ate mine and hers that evening.
We packed up and headed home around the time the sun was setting. No nap made for a sleepy but still very sweet girl. She was almost asleep as we got on the interstate but complained that she couldn't breathe which I knew meant her nose was stuffy. I stopped at the next exit and did what I could to help her blow it and put some oils on her that I had on hand. As I'm typing this I remember that RC is in her bag and that would've been the best choice. Oh hindsight, you are funny. She still managed to fall asleep shortly thereafter despite her stuffy nose. When we got home I put her in my bed and set up the diffuser next to the bed with RC oil blend in it. It could be coincidence but she slept great all night and woke up with a clear nose. She got stuffy again later in the evening but it hasn't been as bad as it was in the car. 
Sunday we got the house all clean and made shrimp scampi with cucumber salad and caprese for dinner. 

Hubby arrived home and enjoyed dinner with us. His mom ("regular Mimi") came over to eat too. AG was of course thrilled to have them both. In fact (and she will be so mad at me for this when she's older but it's cool because she's two) she was so excited to see daddy that she peed all over the floor when he was talking to her. Bless her. She said "I don't want to be a baby." We told her she's not a baby and she just got so excited. I told her "mommy was so excited I almost tinkled too!" This appeased her and the weekend came to a close. 
Now here we are half way through another week and we are working on house projects. Hubby has been having traction done at the chiropractor and his back is feeling better than it has in a very long time. I'm so thankful for this! It's an answer to prayer. He is trying to finish the deck handrail this week. We are looking forward to having friends we haven't seen in a very long time over this weekend. We want to be able to setup all the fun stuff on the deck and let the kids all play. We are at such a fun stage of life. I feel so blessed. 

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