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Miss Priss

I love my bed. No really, I do. There's something so wonderfully relaxing about curling up into bed with my favorite pillows into my so called "nest". Hubby and cousin Johnny are outside the bedroom window working on the deck and the sound doesn't even bother me. I'm that cozy. Happy times my friends.

When I put AG to bed last weekend I put a blanket over the side of her crib to help keep the sun out in hopes that she might sleep past 6:30am. In case you were wondering, it didn't really help. But tonight she was so sweet and asked me to please put blankets up over her bed to keep the sunshine away from her face in the morning. I joyfully agreed. Her bed is now essentially her own personal fort. Here's to hoping It helps her sleep in at least a little. 

On the household side of things I want you to know that I've been keeping a very tidy home for the past couple weeks and I really hope I'm able to keep up this pace of cooking and cleaning and still getting quality AG time every day. My time with her is a major priority and as long as that didn't suffer I think we will be able to keep this clean house thing up. 
The deck is really coming along. All of the boards are screwed in now and they've been all trimmed so it's perfectly shaped. 

The posts just got cut to the right height and because it's midnight, a photo will have to wait. The next step will be handrails and I can't wait. 

We just got a Walmart Neighborhood Market and I checked it out yesterday. While walking down an aisle i noticed something so exciting I had to bring it home and give it a try. 
It's so pretty! I usually prefer a regular moscato but this was all I saw from Duck Commander so I had to try this "Miss Priss". As with most pink moscatos, it was very sweet. I diluted it with a little water and it was quite good. I would buy it again. I love the bottle and the cork and I love supporting the Robertson family. It's a win. 

I made homemade pizza tonight and I even made my own crust. I felt like such an overachiever. Being the great logger that I am I remembered to snap a photo to share with you. 
Unfortunately that's the only photo I thought to take of the whole pizza making evening. AG was so excited she was chanting "pizza!!" And it was a hit. It was very yummy. I topped it with conecuh sausage, fresh tomatoes, onions, cheese and basil. I'm sure I'll be making it again before long. 
 They guys have gotten quiet outside. I will take this as my opportunity to close my eyes and get some sleep before they are noisy again. But I appreciate all their hard work so no complaints from me! Goodnight. 

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