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Moments To Treasure

Most days, on the way home after picking AG up from preschool she asks me to pray for something really specific like "this bo-bo on my big toe right here" and that will lead to other requests the whole way home. Usually it's very sweet things she remembers someone is dealing with like "daddy's back to feel better" or "Mimi's eye to feel better" or "grandpas shoulder to feel better". This continues after I lift up each topic in prayer she gives me a new one until we get home or she is satisfied that I've prayed for everything on her precious heart. Yesterday was particularly sweet. She started with a bo-bo as always and transitioned to the 3 items above, then she said "I want to pray for Sarah to be the queen and dance with me." After asking some questions I learned that her BFF at school and her pretend to be queen and Princess (Elsa and Anna I'm sure) and they dance together. And she loves this so much she wanted to pray they can do it again. How cute is that! Then she made the sweetest request ever. It wasn't the first time she's given this specific request but it always makes me take a deep breath and focus. She said, "momma, can you pray for God to give me a baby brother." If she could only understand just how many times I'd prayed the same prayer we prayed in the car yesterday (and a few weeks before. And another time before that). We prayed that God would make AG a big sister and that he would bless our family with another child - girl or boy or both and that that baby would be healthy and grow up to know and love Him. AG was pleased with this and then she had an even sweeter request. She said "momma, I want you to pray for you now." What a great reminder that I need to pray for myself too in addition to the other people and things I pray for everyday. So we prayed for me. Then I prayed for AG some more. Then she said she was done talking. Because she's still 2 she can totally get away with telling me she's done talking and I'm fine with it. It was a sweet sweet time and I never want to forget it. 


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