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Rest and Relax

Today has been a much needed day of rest and relaxation. 
I even got a nap and daddy took AG out of our big bed so I could get some sleep because she wasn't cooperating with the planned joint nap time. It wasn't until she and I were headed to the grandparents house for an evening swim that I found out her time with daddy didn't include a nap. She fell asleep in the car and only woke up when Mimi and I were putting her in a pull up after we got to the house. This is the conversation as we were leaving our house:
AG: Are you going to drop me off at Mimi's?
Me: No baby. I'm going to swim with you. 
AG: No. I want you to drop me off at Mimi's and go to work. 
Me: Well. 
She ended up being happy I stayed and having lots of fun with me. Go figure. Mom is fun sometimes. Ha!
Now she's curled up on me watching Daniel Tiger and fighting sleep. I predict she falls asleep within 5 minutes of driving home. Though she's saying she wants to see the fireworks so we will see. 
Happy Independence Day! We are blessed by our freedom in America and it's worth celebrating!


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