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Friday Favorites :: Hard Floor Vacuum

This morning on the way to school hubby was telling AG about the yellow caution lights that come between green and red.
AG: I don't like caution.
Hubs: Why don't you like caution?
AG (in an exasperated tone): Daddy. I don't know about everything!
At least she realized for a brief moment that she doesn't know everything. I just wish I had that recorded to play back for her when she gets all sassy because she does in fact know all the things that there are to know. 

Tonight we had a bit of a milestone. AG helped me vacuum and was actually helpful. Granted she got bored with it and ditched me to play outside with hubby but she did a fine job for the time she was inside helping. Which brings me to my Friday Favorites item. This fantastic little hard floor vacuum. 

I was wavering on what I should feature tonight and it never crossed my mind that I should feature this but as soon as AG started vacuuming this evening, I began declaring my love of this thing again because it's lightweight enough for an almost 3 year old to use it. And thus a blog post was born. 
When we selected this flooring, I began a search for the perfect pet hair and general mess cleaner upper. I believe I've mentioned before that we live with this guy,

He's roughly 70lbs of love and fur. He is a  great inside dog but he sheds. Bad. So before we moved back home I did lots of research and needed up with this very affordable vacuum that I never expected to like. Much less love so much I want to tell people about it. Well kudos to the folks at Bissel. I love that I can pull this little guy out and vacuum all of the downstairs in 30 minutes (more if I have "help".) It's lightweight so it's easily maneuverable. It's got this funny "v" shape to it but it works great at getting all of the dog hair and crumbs that wind up on our floors. On the bottom, there's no brush. There are little squeegee type pieces that force the debris into the middle where it all gets sucked up. It does a good enough job on very thin, almost flat/no pile type rugs. Anything softer or thicker you'll need a vacuum meant for carpet. I pull out the big one to do the rug then I switch to this one. I've found that if I use the big one for all of the downstairs then it leaves me with a back ache. So it's totally worth it for me to have two vacuums and use both. If you have hard floors, with or without pets, and don't want to pay for a fancy Dyson, you absolutely should have this. I keep an extension cord on mine and I only have to move the plug to a different outlet one time to cover the whole downstairs. As I think I have mentioned it's fantastic. 
Well now I feel extremely old having just written a post about my love for a vacuum cleaner. Check back next week for my ode to denture cream and epsom salt! Ok, I do actually love epsom salt. But that's only because it's very useful for so many things and I LOVE to take a bath with lavender and Peace & Calming oils mixed in it to make my own super relaxing bath salts. I'm getting sleepy just thinking about it. Goodnight all. 

*This post contains affiliate links. Amazon will send me some pennies a commission for any purchase you make after clicking one of my links. There is no difference in price for you. I only link to things I actually use myself and love. Thank you for your support!

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