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Life is better at the lake

We had a great relaxing weekend celebrating our youngest niece's birthday at the lake. I think I'm even a little less translucent after all of the fun in the sun. I applied my sunless tanner Saturday morning before we left home and I figured this would be good because it's about a 4 hour drive after you factor in stopping for food and all the potty breaks my people require. Once we got to the lake house, AG and I put on our swimsuits and headed down to the water. At this point it had been a solid 5 hours since I had applied the sunless tanner. Apparently my body requires much longer for it to soak in because it washed right off!! I suppose I should look at the bright side and focus on the fact that at least it washed ALL off and didn't turn me splotchy. Although the water on me when I got out was a gross brown color from the tanning spray. Thankfully it washed right off. Yes, it could've been much worse. But alas, I was a ghostly pale color for the weekend. Lesson learned. I will apply 24 hours prior to water exposure from now on. If this is my biggest problem I think I've got it pretty good.
At one point when we were swimming on Sunday morning AG climbs onto my float and says, "We're exercising mommy! Look, I'm doing squats" and proceeds to wiggle her legs around in the air. I almost fell off my float from laughing so hard. I'm so proud that she's learning about exercising and healthy lifestyle habits from me. I'm not great at doing it every day but her excitement and encouragement is super helpful. One day on the way to school last week she said, "Mommy, let's exercise today. We should do squats! But I don't want to do lunges." Me either baby. Me either. 
Now that it's August it's time to start thinking about my baby's birthday. We are going to do a low key party. Just family and her little besties. She's requested a deck party with a water slide, hot dogs, and waffles. So we are going to do just that. I haven't figured out how we will serve waffles just yet so I'm open to suggestions. I'm actually working on getting her to back down from the waffle thing but at this point she's holding strong onto that plan and it's her party so if she wants to serve frozen waffles then so be it. Did I mention that a DIY waffle bar with fancy made from scratch waffles won't do? She is insistent that it be frozen waffles. Her favorite. She prefers hers straight from the freezer and rubbed with butter. The proper southern hostess side of me cannot serve this to guests. I've got about three weeks to convince AG. Wish me luck! 
Despite my menu challenges for her party, I am really excited and can't wait to have our first official deck party! The last piece of the deck is the stairs and they will be done in plenty of time for the party. Check out how it looks right now: 

Isn't it awesome!? I love spending time out there. Eventually we will have furniture that is not made of plastic but for now it meets our needs. It's a far cry from this time last year. That picture makes me wonder how we possibly enjoyed that tiny deck so much. I might be a little spoiled already. 
Our wrought iron table and chairs survived the flood. They need a good scraping and a fresh coat of paint then they'll be ready to use. I'm not convinced that I'm going to paint them black again. What do you think? I'm open to suggestions, bonus points if you send me pictures!

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