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It's 54:5 Somewhere

Is it just us or are the Summer weekends so short? We are so busy in August and September and it seems like our weekends fly by because they are jam packed with fun activities. This past weekend AG and I went to visit my parents and join the family for a wedding shower honoring my cousin and his bride-to-be. He couldn't have picked a better girl. She's beautiful, smart, and so fun to be around! We really love her and can't wait to have her join the family. AG is going to be their flower girl and she is downright giddy about the whole thing. She's going to be wearing the same dress her big cousin wore as our flower girl 7 years ago. It's so special to us and we are so glad the happy couple liked this idea. 
We also got to spend time with my daddy who just had shoulder surgery. He's recovering nicely but it's really very painful. He's a trooper. AG made him some get well cards last week and we sent those in the mail along with her birthday party invitation. She dictated what I was to write on them and my favorite thing she had me write is "don't be bad". Grandpa promises that he will not be bad. 
AG has a new obsession with time. When you ask her what time something is occurring or for a length of time she always replies with a matter-of-fact tone, "um probably about fifty four five." I know this is a fleeting stage so I'm loving it while it lasts and I need to capture it on video. 
Summer really is such a fun time of year. It's miserably hot down here in the south some (most) days but the nights are usually nice and there's always fun to be had. We are even having a pool party cookout tonight. On a weeknight. I'm living on the edge my friends. Now put down the phone/tablet/computer and go do something fun to celebrate summer. It'll be over before we know it!


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