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AG's Third Birthday Party Planning

We had so much fun at AG's birthday party! I had almost as much fun planning it as we did at the party itself. Which I think says a lot about my personality. I scoured the internet for affordable, fun, and easy to create DIY projects that would work for our backyard/deck party, and if they fit the Frozen theme - bonus. Some of these we can enjoy for years to come, one I was too tired to execute properly, and one was just a flat out fail. Today, I want to share the inspiration and let you go check out my sources. I'll be sharing more about my experience with each one over the next week and I'll update this post with links to my own as I do that.

1 - DIY Ring Toss Game | Mom Endeavors 
*I just discovered this blog. It's no wonder Sara was chosen as a Lowes Creative Blogger. You won't regret checking out her site but be warned, it's easy to get sucked in and not even realize it.
2 - Sponge Water Bombs | House of Hepworths 
*I couldn't find my original source for this. I searched and searched but eventually I gave up and wanted to share this one with you. It's very similar to what I made, plus I've been a fan of Allison's blog for years. She has no idea but she was one of the bloggers who really inspired me to start this one and maintain it. They recently moved and I'm looking forward to following along on their journey and seeing all that she comes up with to do in their new home. She is so creative and she does a great job explaining her projects.
3 - Build An Olaf Kit | A Million Moments
*I just discovered this blog too. It's a great site that would also be easy to get sucked into. I really enjoy her photography. She makes me want to do better!
4 - DIY Backyard Fishing Activity | Mom Endeavors
*I told you Sara's blog was easy to get sucked into. I ended up doing two projects of hers. Love it!
5 - Melting Elsa's Frozen Hands Activity | Happy Hooligans
*This is a great blog to check out if you have little ones. She has tons of craft projects and entertaining ideas for preschoolers which I adore!

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