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Meet Saucy

I am so excited to say that we've started a new tradition. Meet Saucy!
She arrived this past Saturday with a book and a pair of jammies for AG. She was so sweet and fixed the elf ornaments that had been broken even if she dumped out all my glue sticks in the process. Silly elf. 
After reading the book, we spent some time discussing name options and ultimately left it up to AG. She went in her own direction and proclaimed that her elf's name is Saucy. Seriously? Where did she come up with this? She's so funny. So Saucy it is. It was a little more clear when a few days later she named the boy elf on her new "saucy jammies" Basghetti. So Saucy and Basghetti. I believe we have a foodie on our hands. As if that wasn't already obvious.
So my elf game has been pretty strong thus far. And I might've peeked early with the one where she rode the remote control helicopter into the Christmas wreath. You'll see. AG is loving the elf and she's so excited every morning to go find Saucy. It makes my mommy heart so happy. 
I love when she talks to Saucy and tells her what to tell Santa. She has asked for "lots of makeup like mommy", Cinderella and Ariel dresses, barbies and a barbie house and a barbie sink (you can't make this up), and a big barbie house. She's very specific which makes me nod my head and think "yep, that's my kid."
Here's most of what we've caught Saucy doing so far...

this is AG's own personal tree upstairs in her "puzzle room" - I think its important that you know she decorated it by herself.

the helicopter was stuck in the tree this morning

this is right now - disregard my messy kitchen #reallife
*Not pictured is a bubble bath in AG's extra sink in cotton balls. It was super cute but I never have my phone or camera upstairs. I'll do better. Maybe. Probably not.

Do you have an elf friend? I'd love to know what your little ones have been most excited to see your elf doing. Leave me a comment with some ideas!

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