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Star Wars + Christmas = Magic

It's the most wonderful time of the year! I've never been so excited about Christmas. It's so true that it's even better as a parent. AG is downright giddy with all the anticipation of what Santa will bring. I have a feeling he might go overboard but of course we will have to wait a few days to know for sure. She's still asking Saucy to let Santa know she wants lots of makeup like mommy and barbies. Real barbies. With a Barbie house. 
Hubby and I had a date night this past weekend. It was much needed and so fun. We had dinner at Bonefish followed by the best movie experience I've ever had. We saw Star Wars in IMAX 3D! I won't spoil anything and just say it was awesome. So awesome. Well written, great acting, I hope Abrams does all of the new ones. There were storm troopers at the theater when we arrived but we had to hurry in to get good seats and after the movie they were gone so no photos. But we might have to go again and see what it's like in 2D so maybe they will be there then. Everyone in our theater was so pumped up. The energy was fantastic. I loved being a part of something so special. We ordered tickets in advance from Fandango and you should know that you have to wait in line at the theater just like everyone else when you do that. I would not recommend it unless you're trying to get tickets for the opening weekend of a huge movie that'll likely be sold out. Or if you have a good coupon. Otherwise the convenience fee really isn't worth it. 
Speaking of convenience, you know what's great about three year olds (or at least ours)? They love to help. AG has learned to vacuum fairly well and it is awesome. 

She was a big helper with decorating the tree too. 
I haven't let her help with wrapping because when I showed her one of the things I got her daddy she woke up the next morning and the first words she spoke to him were "Daddy! Mommy got you Christmas shorts!" No kidding. I heard her over the monitor. I used the talk feature and told her not to tell him what his presents are. Thankfully that's all she saw and I won't confirm exactly what they are. I told him they are sparkly red and green with glitter and a grinch on the bottom. He might not believe me. 


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