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Living Room Makeover - Out With The Old

I have a new obsession. Meet the new sponsor of my blog!
Just kidding. The only way Red Bull is sponsoring this little blog is by supplying the energy and motivation I need to set aside time to type it. But maybe one day. #goals
This green Kiwi Red Bull is delish! Save your health spiel for another day and let me enjoy my caffeine/sugar/B vitamin high while it lasts.
I've become so in love with these that I've been trying to buy them from Amazon by the case so I can have them on hand daily. But alas, they are so new that the only people selling them at the moment are very proud of their product and want upwards of $3 per can. There is even one trying to get $4.38/ can. No thank you. I will buy them send my husband to buy them from the nearby gas station for $2ish.

Anyway. I'm here today with exciting news. We sold our sofa! And rug. And matching door mats. Here's our living room "before" photos. The only difference in how these are staged and how we live is the surfaces. Meaning, the coffee table is empty and the sofa has only the pillows that came with it. It normally has other decorative pillows and blankets - and toys and people and clothes because people live here. #myhomeisnotamuseum

I broke apart the sectional into it's 3 pieces to get a look at the configuration I'm thinking we will use in the space. This includes a sofa, love seat, and recliner. Hubby NEEDS a recliner and that is what spurred this entire process. My love of furniture shopping made me an easy sell.
The sectional pieces are about the same size as the items I've been looking at online. I'm torn on material and color at this point. But I do know what sizes will fit nicely. And I have a pretty good idea of what I want our new rug to look like.

Also, you can see a more real life view of our home in those photos. I even included my favorite vacuum if you look close enough. #atleastmyfloorsareclean #mostly

Check back soon to see more #reallife photos with bag chairs in our living room!


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