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Where is the downtime?

Life seems to get busier and busier as time goes on. I think this is why it feels like time is flying by as we age. When you're a care-free kid, time is slow and there is so much time; but then you get older and gradually add more and more to your plate and as I've done this I find myself bouncing from task to task without much downtime. I think downtime is the key to cherishing these fleeting days. Really taking the time to reflect and appreciate life every day. Writing is a great way for me to do just that and I've been missing it. So today I'm going to do a little reflecting and remembering of life lately. 

For Christmas/birthday, my wonderful husband and daughter gifted me a Nikon D5200. I've wanted a dSLR for years and now I finally have one! And guess what... I love it! I am not one of those moms who got a fancy camera and used it a week then forgot about it in a closet. No no. I keep it out on the counter where I can quickly grab it when something is going on or as we are running out the door. I even used Amazon gift cards to purchase a "nifty fifty" lens and I've been learning so much about photography. It's become a great hobby that I've been able to use to capture my own family and to bless others with photos as I learn. Here is my most recent photo of AG from Father's Day last weekend: 

She loves the "blowy flowers" and I was so glad to have taken my camera to the golf course. My 50mm lens hasn't left my camera since I got it. I absolutely love it! 

Parenting a three year old has its ups and downs. Some days she is an absolute angel and some days she is a sassy threenager. I've learned that keeping a schedule is more important than fun, bedtime must be enforced and has to start no later than 7:30pm with her tucked in by 8pm, no exceptions (I'm looking at you dear husband), when she starts getting cranky it's either because she is tired, hungry, or needs hugs, OH! or she has watched too much TV - there's a reason the experts recommend limiting screen time. 
There are times when she needs discipline and tough love and there are times when she needs grace and hugs. There is a definite learning curve to figure out what the proper response is in any given moment and I've come to believe that the only way to know that is to be present and truly know the child. 

This pretty well sums up marriage after the honeymoon phase aka real life. Thankfully the days of struggle are fewer than the fun ones. I wouldn't trade my handsome hubby for the world. I am blessed. 

Yes that has a capital S and no it's not a type-o. We have a new puppy. His name is Connor and he is precious. He's a lab mix and he is a bundle of energy. He loves Gauge and they play non-stop when we let them both out. As much as Gauge loves me, Connor loves AG. She is his person and he follows her all over. She can also get him to come anytime by "whistling" in which she makes a loud, somewhat high pitched, "wooooooo" noise. He will not go into his crate for me but all she has to do is stand by the door and "whistle" and he goes right in. It's the darndest thing. Connor has huge paws and the vet predicts he will be a big boy. Based on his appetite, I have no reason to disagree. He is like a teenage boy, starving all the time.
Here's a very real-life photo:

Happy Friday!

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