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Walmart Online Grocery Ordering - Review

If you know me in real life then this confession will come as no surprise. I am a grocery store snob. There. I admit it. I still remember the first day I walked into Publix. It was so shiny and new and all of the items' labels were turned forward. Shopping there really is a pleasure. There is another grocery store in town that is much more conveniently located but it's no Publix. I've taught AG to refer to this one as the "dirty store". It isn't bad so we go there occasionally but Publix has spoiled me. 
Well, I've discovered something so great it makes me actually step outside of my grocery bubble and you will not believe where I am willing to go... Walmart! Yes. I know. Don't close the browser yet. Stay with me here. I have long been a Walmart hater. I should be ashamed of my grocery store snob ways but I'm owning it here for all the world to see. It's worth it so that you understand what a huge deal this is for me. Have you heard of the Walmart Online Grocery service? It is outstanding. I believe the word I used when we tried it yesterday was "amazeballs" #don'tjudgeme 
On Saturday I realized the weekend would just not allow for a grocery shopping trip and we needed the staples. I read a glowing review from a trusted friend who is also a grocery store snob and I knew I had to try this new service. I may have read it 3 times and called her to discuss. She even ordered avocados to test them out and they did a great job picking them so I felt that was good enough for me to conduct my own experiment too.
So Saturday afternoon I used her link to save $10 which also sends her a $10 credit #winwin and spent about 20 minutes ordering my groceries. It wouldn't take a normal person this long but I am methodical about my groceries and I wanted to be sure and test them. The only item I needed to buy but wasn't able to was fresh medium salsa. This is a staple for hubby so I'll have to visit the "dirty store" and pick some up. I included all my normal groceries plus some green leaf lettuce as my test of their produce picking skills. Y'all. Even my bananas were perfect. They were just the right amount of green and mostly yellow. The lettuce was even exactly as I would've chosen. In my grocery perfection induced high, I forgot to take any photos. Sorry friends! But I did text my close friends and call my mom to share! 
In addition to this service they included a little goodie bag as a welcome gift. It was totally not necessary but very much appreciated. 
I cannot say enough good things about the guys who helped us and the service itself. 
AG was asleep in the car after a long day of swimming and hubby jumped out to accept the groceries. Our personal shopper opened each bag and showed him every item as he loaded them into the van for us. Without me even having to ask, both the personal shopper and the manager (who personally greeted us) used soft tones in an effort to not wake AG, I thought that was such a sweet gesture and it did not go unnoticed. I never even had to exit the vehicle! The only difference between what we ordered and what we got was that I ordered seedless grapes and we got seeded. Had I been the one checking and not hubby, then it would've been corrected I'm sure, but he didn't know what I had ordered so he didn't know to question it. But you know what? We can spit out the seeds, and they taste better. I have no complaints. With the $10 off coupon, I only spent $49! Without walking the store, there are no impulse buys or BOGOs to trick me into spending well over $100. I even bought a new cutting board and some bubble wands for AG. 
I'll try and remember to snap some photos next time. And there will be a next time! The minimum is only $30. I sincerely hope this service maintains the high standards they've set. 
If you want to try this awesome service for yourself, you can go here: http://r.wmt.co/d6o0J This is my referral link and by using it, both you and I will save $10! Be sure and copy the promo code that pops up in the new window and then just click "Start Shopping". I just realized their slogan is #groceryhero and that is so spot on! This is really a game changer for me and I am so excited about it. 
This post is in no way, shape, or form sponsored by Walmart, Publix, or Dirty Store. None of these entities know who I am or that I'm writing this post. Well, the fine folks at "my" Publix know me quite well. And I am sure the guys who run the Walmart Online Grocery Ordering service will get to now me soon enough. But none of them know about this little ole blog.
I am just a girl standing in front of a grocery list asking it to magically appear into her car.
Happy shopping friends! Leave me a comment and let me know if you try this! I hope you love it as much as me!
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