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Tomato Bacon Pie Recipe

We just returned from a wonderful long weekend at the lake.

As a result, I'm out of absolutely everything in the kitchen and there were no openings to pick up groceries from Walmart until Tuesday so this led to a wonderful (tasting, not super healthy) dinner; tomato bacon pie! And lucky you, I took photos during the process to share with you today. Let's get on with it.

I started by cooking 5 strips of bacon, because that's how much fits nicely in my pan.

Sadly, my tomato plants have seen better days, namely the days before it was consistently 90-something degrees and 134% humidity. So I improvised and tried this for the first time with canned tomatoes and it turned out surprisingly fantastic. If you don't have fresh ones, don't let that stop you from trying this!

I poured two of those big cans into a colander and rinsed them, then squished and flipped, and squished some more until most of the moisture was out. Then I sprinkled salt and a little pepper on them and left them to drain.

When the bacon was finished I wiped most of the grease out of the skillet using paper towels then threw in some diced onion - maybe 2-3 handfuls. I did have to add in a little butter because I removed too much bacon grease but that isn't part of the "recipe". 

I may not have fresh tomatoes, but one thing I always have is fresh basil. Caprese salad is one of my favorite things to throw together and now that my family has discovered this tomato pie, I think basil is a requirement for them too. I used a good bit, but some of the leaves pictured didn't make it into the pie. I just picked them because the plants were getting too big and I can't have them going to seed. I did end up with a couple handfuls of basil which I chopped pretty small. Do you see that knife? It is my favorite! I've had it for a few years and my loving hubby recently sharpened it for me. It is fantastic!

Not pictured is the step before adding the basil to the tomatoes when I took about 5 paper towels and squeezed as much liquid as possible out of the tomatoes. Then I mixed the chopped basil into the well drained tomatoes. It starts getting pretty here!

Chop the bacon. Mmmmmm bacon!!

Also not pictured, I used a store bought rolled pie crust which I placed into a 9.5" pie plate and poked holes with a fork then baked according to package directions. 

I then layered in the cooked onions, followed by the tomato and basil mixture, and I sprinkled on feta cheese (totally optional, this is the first time I've added it and it was a great addition but not required.)

In another bowl, I mixed together shredded cheese and mayo, about 1.5 cups of cheese to 3/4 cup mayo, plus the bacon and some green onions simply because I had them on hand and was feeling fancy. I like the Mexican blend but if I were buying cheese for this recipe I would go with half sharp cheddar/ half mozzarella. 

That mixture has to be spread on top and it's not easy. I found it best to put in on in small spoonfuls then use my fingers to spread it evenly. 

I always cover the crust edges with foil. The first time, I didn't think to do this and they got super burnt so learn from my mistake and cover your edges. 

Bake for about 20 or so minutes until the cheese topping is nicely browned and bubbly then let cool until you don't see any liquid on top (like how pizza does). Slice and enjoy!
I couldn't even wait to take a photo before AG and I had to dig in. 

The tools that I used for this recipe:
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I hope you give this recipe a try and if you do, I'd love to hear what you think!


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