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Eight Years

Hi friends! If you follow along on Instagram or Facebook then you know hubby and I spent a recent weekend out at the beach celebrating the fact that we have made it through 8 years without the need for police or lawyer intervention. Happy Anniversary to us!!

We visited Panama City Beach and rented at a condo in the Emerald Beach Resort. It was very nice. Next year we are looking at a couple different resorts along the strip. Trying new places is something we both enjoy. We are always looking for fun new adventures on vacation.

The view from our condo was beautiful! I loved staring out at the water in the morning while I relaxed on the sofa with my coffee. Who would've thought that I'd end up being the early riser in our marriage?

We took our Chromecast with us and I would watch Parks & Rec (again) on Netflix while I waited on hubby to join me. It was a much needed break from any responsibilities.

We got down there on Saturday and settled in. Believe it or not we actually went to the gym and got in a quick workout to start our vacation off on the right foot. I don't even have any shame that I spent part of my workout sneaking photos of this handsome fella working out his back. #howdidthisgetonmyphone

It's worth mentioning that our hotel had a nice little bar in the sky-walk connecting the resort and parking garage. This bar was decorated with all manner of Auburn decor (which I LOVED) but there was NO ONE there to watch the game. Ok. Maybe there were about 4 people. But it was decorated like a serious party. I was all exciting thinking there was some sort of an Auburn club meeting there to watch the game, but no. We never found out why they were so festive in their decor.

This was our first visit to PCB and we needed to get to know the area. We figured it was best to take a scenic drive before sunset. While driving around we saw a billboard for a country saloon called Tootsies. We both love country music so we clearly had to give that a try. It turned out to be in a very nice area and was SO MUCH FUN. I danced for hours and we even made new friends. Then, the band played one slow song and I was done. I started falling asleep on the table so it was time to call it a night.

Sunday was a day of recovery and re-hydration from the excessive dancing. We spent the afternoon playing out at the beach and hubby even got to show off his skim boarding skills. I was so nervous because I just knew he was going to end up in the ER. But my nerves were for naught because he was really good. I was of course super impressed.

I was also shockingly good at skim boarding... Just look:

I'm kidding. And if you believed me for even a second then you clearly don't know me at all. That's our new friend Kaylee. She was basically the toughest girl ever. I just took pictures and clapped a lot.

One of our other favorite things about Sunday happened when we were hanging out in the water. I don't have any photos but I never want to forget this because we are still laughing about it. We were entertained for well over 30 minutes by a gentleman who could not get on his float but was bound and determined to do so. His female companion just watched from her float as he continued to try and climb up, and he would get almost on, then promptly fall off. He did eventually get on it and we lost interest. Then when we looked back he was off again. #youhadtobethere

Sunday ended with music videos and a failed attempt at watching The Goonies. Someone fell asleep. Maybe the same someone who fell asleep in a dancing establishment the night prior.

Monday was fantastic. We went shopping for a while which was so fun. I got 3 new necklaces and a scarf because eventually it will cool off. I have faith. After shopping, we stopped by Diego's Burrito Bar and had the best food. It is a Chipotle-style place where you get to customize your meal. I ate my entire [ridiculously sized] plate of nachos and groaned the whole way back to the hotel whilst talking nonsense about never eating nachos again.

I'm pretty sure I was in some sort of nacho-induced coma because what we did the rest of Monday is fuzzy at best. Best I can remember, we went to the beach where I was happy to rest and do absolutely nothing. Hubby got bored at some point and went back inside while I relaxed on the beach a while.

Monday night we went to a nearby golf course and played night golf! I didn't even know this was a real thing! And in all honesty, I was expecting glow in the dark balls and something along the lines of cosmic bowling with black-lights. In reality, it was a normal par 3 course with lights. My idea is genius and if you create it please let me know so we can come play.

I'm terrible at golf and play so rarely that I have no interest in improving. I can (usually) hit the ball and then I am allowed to pick it up and drop it by hubby's ball, or wherever I feel like it. These are what we refer to as booby rules. On this particular day, I actually played by standard(ish) rules for the majority of our time on the course. I even hit a few good shots. As I walked barefoot through the course I just kept saying "this is so much fun!" I never would've thought I'd have so much fun golfing. We are already planning to do it again next year. Only I'll bring my clubs so I don't have to rent.

The next thing we knew it was Tuesday morning and time to head home. I will leave you with these travel words of advice: Stay somewhere with a bellhop. It's spectacular and now I'm spoiled.


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