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Annual Yard Sale Shopping

Update: Remember that time I forgot to hit "publish" for 2 weeks? Yea, that's this post. Sorry friends! Good news is, nothing much has changed :)

AG had a Friday night sleep-over with her grandparents so hubby and I could go to dinner with other adults. It was a wonderful change of pace and we had a great time reconnecting with old friends and making new ones.

Speaking of old friends... I work up at what can only be described as night time on Saturday morning to go yard sale shopping with one of my favorite people. We have been doing this on the first Saturday of October for 5+ years. (I really wish I could remember what year we first started.) I almost always end up with tons of great finds and this year was no exception.
In addition to some smaller items, I came away with 2 very exciting things: I scored this brand new super plush rug that will go into the guest room when we get our new (much larger) one for the living room.

And we happened upon an estate sale on half price day and I scored this new dining set! That's a solid wood table with 2 leaves and 6 high cane back chairs!

We are excited to sand these lovelies down and stain them a more fitting color for our home. I had intended to just leave everything as-is until I get the fabric to recover the seats and remove the back pads at that time. But, I brought in the first chair and could. not. stand. it. I removed the back pad off the first chair before I even brought the others in and it was like a breath of fresh air. I brought the others in from the deck and promptly removed all of those back cushions. I have no idea why the original owners would want those beautiful caned backs covered. It is like how you go into old fixer upper homes and the beautiful hard woods are covered in carpet.

I have other higher priority things on my list right now but you better believe that the next free weekend will be spent making over this dining set.

I was able to sell our old dining table, chairs, and slip covers the very next day and ended up $15 ahead; as long as you don't count what I'll spend on fabric and stain (which isn't much).

I think once we have this set fixed up and add a nice rug under the table, it'll look great! It's already an improvement over the old set.

While we were yard sale-ing, it became clear the I was in need of a new battery for my van. Thankfully, it never died completely but it came close a couple times, so we just left it running as we hopped out to shop and tried not to go far. So, super fun stuff, I bought a new car battery after our morning adventure was over.

Once my car was outfitted with a fresh battery, I loaded up AG and we headed to a neighboring town to pick up hubby's new chair. You might remember the "lazy man chair" ended up hurting his back so we had to sell it and buy a new one. With all of the floor issues we had to wait to pick it up and the day finally arrived. I bribed AG with the promise of a strawberry milkshake at the farmer's market in said town and we were off. As we were turning on the county road that the Ashley Furniture distribution center is on, I made an impulsive decision to show AG where cotton comes from. There was an awesome cotton field and I couldn't resist but to stop and pick her a piece. The stems weren't as pretty as what you see people decorating with (either it's too early in the season for that OR they are buying fake ones) so I only got a couple for her. She loved it! Here's my favorite quote: "Momma! This feels like real cotton!" Yes. Yes it does.

After a hard earned milkshake (and ham sandwich and tomato bacon pie, ahem) we were on our way back home. It's only a 45 minute drive so it wasn't bad. It's just far enough to keep me from getting fat on daily tomato bacon pie and milkshakes.

We've deemed the new chair the "handsome man chair". Because, daddy is handsome. :) Also, because mommy loves Friends and we often quote Joey when hubby walks into a room; "enter, the handsome man." 


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