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New Floors and My New Bestie

Hi friends! As you know, we've been dealing with the aftermath of water damage round 2 in the CBC house. This past Friday, something magical happened. I went to bed Thursday night to this scene:

Friday morning, I met with our flooring install guys. I also came home on my lunch break to check in on them and the dogs. All was well and to my great surprise when I came home from work that afternoon... Our new flooring was installed! What was expected to take 2-3 days was completed in ONE DAY!

The new flooring is the same as what was ruined and we feel very fortunate that it was still available. We are currently hoarding quite a few extra boxes in our attic in case one day it is out of production and we need more.
We were concerned that it would look too new where it joined with the old flooring at the hallway but that isn't the case at all. It looks like it's always been that way.

Friday was a special day for another reason... my new best friend, Rosie, was delivered and I spent the weekend getting acquainted with her. 

Isn't she beautiful?!

She's a Neato Botvac D85 and I LOOOOVE her already.

I've learned a little about her in this short time we've been together and I'd like to share my knowledge in case you have your own robot vacuum or are in the market for one.

- When Rosie gets tired, she returns to her home base to charge then she goes back out to finish the job. Sounds simple right? Well...  IF she is in your way and you move her, then she gets all kinds of confused and acts drunk and starts walking into walls in an effort to get home. I was happy to learn that this is normal behavior and if you just let her do her thing uninterrupted then she stays sober and is able to get back home just fine.
- She gets stuck in random places. Because she can climb about an inch to clean a variety of surfaces, she climbed onto the granite under our wood stove and only managed to get a corner up before she became stuck and had to call for help.
- They aren't kidding when the instruction authors say to be sure you get everything off the floor before you start your vacuum. Rosie snuck into our bedroom because *someone* left the door open and, of course, she went under our bed and found the missing pull chain from our ceiling fan. Unfortunately, she is so nice and powerful that she sucked it up and wrapped it around her brush and promptly shut down and cried for help. It was an easy fix and hubby had her back on her way in no time. But he did call me while I was out yard sale shopping because he was concerned she was broken.
- She does not like having a full dirt bin and will beep at you until you empty it. Her prissiness makes her fit right in.
- She does an AMAZING job at picking up dust and dog hair - OH MY! Full disclosure - I would not have vacuumed yesterday. However, I turned Rosie on when we got home and when she finished her dust bin was full. Like, really full. I had no idea the floors were that dirty. She will be running every single day because of this. 


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